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  • 26 October 2018

    On October 9-14, 2018, the delegation of the Republic of Poland participated in the annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

    On October 9-12, the delegation was headed by the Minister of Finance Mrs. Teresa Czerwińska. The representatives of the Management Board of the National Bank of the Republic of Poland, vice-presidents Mr. Ryszard Kokoszyński and Mr. Paweł Samecki, were also present at the meeting.

    On October 12-14, as a separate component of the visit, the delegation of the Ministry of Environment led by the Secretary of State, Mr. Michał Kurtyka, took part in a series of special meetings dedicated to climate change.

    The Minister of Finance Teresa Czerwińska joined one of the main events of the Summit – the inauguration of a new initiative World Bank Human Capital Project (HCP), which is based on a newly introduced Human Capital Index (HCI). HCI, unlike other well-known indicators such as GDP or Human Development Index, emphasizes the importance of development of education and health, especially with regard to the youngest generation. The aim of HCI is to encourage the improvement in the quality of human life, intellectual and physical development and subsequently work productivity. The project should help to provide a more complete picture of a country’s development and cause  long-term reforms in education and well-being of the youngest generations.


    The delegation of the Ministry of Environment headed by the Secretary of State M. Kurtyka participated in meetings on financing the climate policy.





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