• Faithful to my Homeland, the Republic of Poland



  • 13 May 2011

    On 16 of October 2009 the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Indonesia organised a seminar on the current economic situation in Poland and the role of Poland in the EU. Around 250 students, dean, deputy dean and the academic staff of the IISIP partisipated in the seminar. Mr. Tomasz Łukaszuk, the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland and Mr. Damian Irzyk, the First Secretary gave presentations on the subject which were received with great interest.

    The participants asked various questions regarding systemic changes in the Polish economy during the last 20 years and the evaluation of our 5 years membership of the EU.  IISIP was founded in Jakartain 1953 and from the start has focused on political and social science. At present there are around 3.000 students studing at 8 faculties (eg. political science, social science, public relations, communications). There are graduates of the Institute among the government and the House of Representative members. Many influential journalists are also graduates of IISIP.


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