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    16th International Maritime Exhibition BALTEXPO 2011

    6-8 September 2011,  Gdańsk - Olivia Hall

    Baltexpo Exhibition is one of the largest and most important events for the maritime sector organized in Central and Eastern Europe. It has an excellent reputation and over 30 years tradition. The 2011 edition of BALTEXPO, already has the honorary patronage of: Ministry of Infrastructure and  Minister of the State Treasury.

    BALTEXPO brings the possibility for the entire maritime industry sector to present its potential, development plans, aspirations and possibilities of regional cooperation. Various companies from the Baltic region, participating in BALTEXPO Fair, present their achievements, development programs and possibilities of regional cooperation. 

    The Polish shipyard industry during the last few years has passed though major restructure. Large shipyards are diversifying they production and new private shipyards emerge. The smaller and private shipyards continue to increase their production and employment. New areas of shipyards activities require modern production machinery and new investments. The main areas of activity of shipyards nowadays concentrate on:


    • shipbuilding
    • ships overhauls and conversions
    • building and repairing river and river/sea vessels
    • yacht and leisure vessels construction
    • measuring and surveying technology
    • ship design
    • production of steel constructions for civil engineering purposes
    • ecological projects such as construction of renewable energy sources projects
    • investment opportunities at seashore including on shipyards unused areas
    • obtaining of insurance and finance offers for maritime industry


    In Poland there is a significant development of ports and its services. The broad range of subjects which shall be included on Baltexpo 2011 Exhibition include:

    • sea ports and port service
    • port surveillance and security
    • warehousing and distribution
    • logistic chain: maritime-rail or road loading
    • port infrastructure
    • control and management of maritime ports movement
    • environmental protection
    • navigation security
    • harbor deepening
    • port construction

    One of the new themes on Baltexpo 2011 Exhibition is presentation of renewable energy  sources  equipment,  technology, development potential and benefits.

    European Union sees the offshore wind industry as a strategic sector for Europe's future as it can  contribute significantly to Europe's economic development, reduce import dependence and slash CO2 emissions.

    Wind power is also a dynamically growing  sector in Poland. Our country has recently  submitted to the European Commission the forecast fulfilling the obligation under Article 4(3) of Directive 20090/28/EC in the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources. The share of wind power in green electricity consumption may increase from the current 15% to more than 62% in 2020, whereas its share in gross final energy consumption may reach 3.8%. Employment in the wind power sector is forecasted to increase from 2000 full job equivalents in 2008 to 66 thousand in 2020.

    The Baltexpo 2011 Exhibition will include the offshore oil platform industry equipment and services as one of its  themes. An offshore oil platform industry requires  structures used to house workers, machinery needed to drill wells in the ocean bed, extract oil and/or natural gas, process the produced fluids, and ship or pipe them to shore. Many products and services for this industry can be offered by Polish maritime industry.

    We expect that BALTEXPO 2011 Exhibition shall take place during the same period as  Baltic Development Forum. This would make it possible for the participants of the Baltic Development Forum to visit and be aware of the Baltic maritime industry effect on the entire region.

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    South Baltic Gas Forum

    5 - 9 September 2011, Gdańsk, Poland

    The guarantee of the future energy supply is crucial for economic development and saving our standard of living. Dependence on foreign gas imports and progressing globalization necessitate the formation of cross-border networks between countries of the European Union and worldwide. Talking about future energy security in regions, it is crucial to look at gas sources in a comprehensive perspective covering all gas sources (both fossil and renewable).

    The goal of the South Baltic Gas Forum (SBGF 2011) is to highlight the importance of energy security in South Baltic cross-border regions through raising awareness in the sustainable management of existing gas sources (natural gas, biogas) and recently discovered alternative (shale gas) gas sources. This can be achieved by stimulating awareness raising and the cooperation between the regional and local administration/authorities, investors, energy companies, universities and NGOs. The conference will cover such aspects as environmental protection, spatial planning, technology issues, legal aspects and best practices.

    SBGF 2011 will bring together representatives from academia, industry, regional and local authorities to present the latest advances in knowledge related to natural gas, compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG), shale gas and biogas. Environmentally friendly and economically efficient processing of gas sources is essential for providing energy security in certain regions of Central & Eastern Europe and the world. The SBGF 2011 will provide Training Sessions (Day 1, 2, 3), Thematic Symposia (Day 2, 3, 4), Project Development Workshop (Day 1) and Study Visits (Day 5). The Forum will be an excellent possibility for the formation of durable networks of experts from the business-academia-administration for the future cross-border cooperation within gas production, processing, distribution and trading.

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