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  • Confirmation of Polish citizenship

    Citizens who do not have documents proving Polish citizenship (a Polish passport or ID) or whose personal data and citizenship can not be ascertained, may apply for confirmation of Polish citizenship.

    Citizens over 18 years old, who were born outside of Poland and/or have never possessed documents proving their Polish citizenship (a Polish passport or ID), prior to applying for the Polish passport at the Consulate must obtain a certificate confirming their Polish citizenship.

    Certificate of confirmation of Polish citizenship or its loss, or refusal of its confirmation, is issued by a Provincial Governor (Wojewoda). Applicants residing abroad submit an application through the Consulate according to their place of residence. After verification, the application is transferred by the Consulate to the Provincial Governor Office, in accord with the applicant’s last place of residence in Poland (in case of the applicants who have never resided in Poland - to the Provincial Governor Office in Warsaw). The decision of the Wojewoda is forwarded to the applicant through the Consulate.


    A copy of a Polish document has to be certified by a consul (not an American public notary). A copy of an American document has to bear the U.S. “apostille” seal of authentication. A foreign document has to be translated into Polish and the translation certified by a consul.

    The documents to be submitted:

    1. An application form - a request to the Provincial Governor (Wojewoda) for confirmation of citizenship, completed in Polish, dated and signed (form No 1)
    2. A personal questionnaire, completed in Polish (with no blank spaces), dated and signed (form No 2
    3. A declaration whether the applicant has ever renounced the Polish citizenship, dated and signed (form No 3
    4. A short biography in Polish, signed by the applicant, containing among others the following information: history of emigration of the applicant and/or applicant’s parents from Poland; the last place of stay in Poland (with an address); the date of leaving Poland; documents with which the applicant left Poland (passport, travel document); countries of residence before coming to the United States; military service in Poland and abroad; information about ties to Poland.
    5. Documents proving the facts asserted in the biography, including, but not limited to:
    • birth certificate stating the names of the parents,
    • documents certifying Polish citizenship of the parents (Polish passports or IDs),
    • marriage certificate of the parents,
    • marriage certificate or other document certifying marital status of the applicant,
    • previously held Polish passport,
    • military documents of the applicant.
    1. The passport or travel document with which the applicant left Poland (for applicants born in the USA - their parents' documents). If the applicant does not possess such documents, he/she is requested to inform about it in writing.
    2. A certified copy of presently held valid passport.
    3. Documents proving legal changes to a name, if such have been made since the departure from Poland or if there are discrepancies between Polish and foreign documents of the applicant.
    4. A document proving the date of admission to the US citizenship (a naturalization certificate).
    5. One passport picture.
    6. Name and address of the person in Poland, nominated by the applicant for the purpose of receiving of official mail directed to the applicant by the Provincial Governor’s Office (the applicant’s representative for correspondence).


    The application fee is $ 120, paid in cash or by Money Order to the Consulate General of Poland in New York.

    The fee is paid on initiation of the procedure and not returned, regardless of its result.


    Documents submitted to the Consulate are not returned and cannot be used for other purposes.

    The Consulate or the Provincial Governor’s Office may require additional documents and/or an interview with the applicant.

    Processing time begins with the presentation of the complete application to the Provincial Governor’s Office.

    If the applicant does not have the required documents, it is possible to search for them in vital statistics offices and in archives. When the proper archive can not be ascertained, the information can be given by the Naczelna Dyrekcja Archiwów Państwowych, Centralny Ośrodek Informacji Archiwalnej, ul. Długa 6, skr. pocz. 1005, 00-950 Warszawa, Poland

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