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  • Application for Polish Citizenship

    Polish citizenship is granted by the President of the Republic of Poland.

    A foreigner may be granted Polish citizenship upon request, when he or she resides legally in Poland for at least 5 years.

    In exceptional circumstances, the President may waive the above mentioned requirement. The applicant has to give reasons, for which this case is to be considered as exceptional.

    Applicants residing abroad submit their applications to the President of the Republic of Poland for Polish citizenship through the Consulate of the Republic of Poland, according to their place of residence. After verification, the application is transferred by the Consulate to the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland. The applicant is informed by the Consulate in writing of the receiving of the application by the Chancellery of the President.


    All forms and declarations have to be in Polish, dated and signed. A copy of a Polish document has to be certified by a consul. A. A foreign document has to be translated into Polish and the translation certified by a consul.

    The documents to be submitted:

    1. Application to the President of the Republic of Poland.
    2. A copy of a valid document certifying the applicant’s identity and citizenship (a valid passport).
    3. A copy of a temporary or permanent residence permits, if the applicant has permission to reside or to settle in Poland. 
    4. A birth certificate.
    5. A marriage certificate or other document certifying the marital status.
    6. A signed biography, containing the following information: date and place of birth; names and surname; changes of names and surname; names of the parents; marital status; date and place of marriage; data of the spouse and children; profession; position held; information about military service; the last place of residence in Poland (with address); the date of leaving Poland; information about documents with which the applicant left Poland; countries of residence before coming to Indonesia; name and surname changes; information about ties to Poland.
    7. A statement whether the applicant has ever applied for Polish citizenship.
    8. A statement of knowledge of the law concerning the presently held citizenship (of possible legal consequences of being granted the Polish citizenship).
    9. A document stating the lack of, release from, or renouncement of Polish citizenship, if the applicant or his/ her parents were Polish citizens. 
    10. A passport picture.
    11. Name and address of the person in Poland, nominated by the applicant for the purpose of receiving of official mail directed to the applicant (the applicant’s representative for correspondence).

    Granting of Polish citizenship to both parents includes the children under their parental custody.
    Granting of Polish citizenship to one parent only includes the children, if they are under his/hers sole custody, or, the other parent is a Polish citizen, or, the other parent declared consent before the proper authority to the children being granted the Polish citizenship.
    Granting of Polish citizenship, or extending the granting of Polish citizenship to children which are over 16 years, requires their consent.

    Additional documents, if the application includes children less than eighteen years:

    a) If both parents are applicants – the child’s birth certificate.
    b) If one parent is the applicant, and the other parent is not a Polish citizen – the birth certificate, and a statement of the other parent agreeing to granting the Polish citizenship to the child, made before the consul.
    c) If the child is over sixteen –the birth certificate, and a statement of the child agreeing to being granted the Polish citizenship or being included into granting the Polish citizenship, made before the consul.



    Documents submitted to the Consulate are not returned and can not be used for other purposes. The Consulate may require additional documents and/or an interview  with the applicant.

    Procedure will be initiated by the Consulate only after having received complete documentation

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